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10 things great bosses do

Steve Tobak

– Help the company achieve its strategic and operating goals by making
smart business decisions and managing their team effectively.

– Entrust their employees with as much responsibility as their
capabilities will allow and hold them accountable for the same.

– Behave like a mature adult — genuine and empathetic — even when
their employees or their management are acting out like spoiled

– Provide their employees with the tools, training, and support they
need to effectively achieve challenging but reasonably attainable

– Promote a can-do, customer service attitude with customers and
stakeholders by walking the talk and leading by example.

– Promote their team’s accomplishments and take the heat for their failures.

– Provide genuine feedback, both good and bad, to their employees,
peers, and management. Request the same from them.

– Work their tail off and be hands-on when necessary. If they don’t,
they can’t expect anybody else to do it either.

– Don’t compromise their ethical principles in the name of “the ends
justify the means” or for any other reason.

– Strike a balance between shielding their folks from the ripples of
dysfunctional management and openly communicating events that may
affect them.

Overall, the best managers create a work environment where people feel
challenged, do their best, and are held accountable for meeting their
commitments. But most importantly, they’re key components in an
organization that exists to serve its customers and shareholders.
We’re all happiest working for a successful company.


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